Permanent Makeup by Melodie - Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner, Lips

Tattoo Removal

Ready to rid your self of that little reminder of things past? Need to lighten some old work or permanent makeup to get a fresh look or correct the old? No other procedure in the world is non invasive or as fast as this one. Brand new and you will love the results! 

- Less treatments
- More economical
- Non invasive
- No pain
- No selective colors
- Non surgical
- No laser
- No scars
- No Acid PH
- Not Acid Lactic or Saline solution
- No bleaching
- No scabbing so less risks of scarring
- No Eyebrow hair loss

- And for how many sessions ? It depend of the deepness , quality and quantity of pigment inside dermis. This procedure is faster than any other options in the world because it is non invasive.

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